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Welcome friend, make yourself at home.

We are all family here. Misfits and dreamers, losers and winners, and everything in between. They’ve all described each of us at one time or another. So, pull up a chair and listen to a story or two, you just might recognize yourself in one. Whether you’ve come to escape or to hope, we think you’ll find what you need here. We believe that because we know the One who makes all things new. But don’t take our word for it, take theirs.

Listen as our friend Tibor tells his story of all the ways God literally guided his footsteps, all the way from Hungary to America.

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About ReCreated

ReCreated is a place people come to hear stories of redemption from Christ followers. The stories told are not white washed or polished. No attempt is made to make the teller the hero. Instead, we point the listeners to the One in whom all hope is found and in whom all victory is claimed, Jesus Christ!

Do you ever wonder why you love a good underdog story, or why your heart leaps out of your chest when your team scores that winning goal? Why we root for good over evil and pay our hard-earned money to watch movies and read books about it?

At ReCreated, we believe we were designed, no less created, to require new beginnings. We believe there is something in our very souls that confirms that death is not the end, we can overcome, and victory is our birthright.

That is why we bring you stories. Our stories. Their stories. Your stories. Because, we believe, that the treasure is found in the telling. That is how we heal. That is how we overcome. We are not telling stories for the sake of them, we are telling them to bear witness to the truth that only Jesus Christ can save, only Jesus Christ can heal, only Jesus Christ can make all things new. That, friends, is how we overcome, by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony, that is where we are ReCreated.

Meet the team

In their podcast, Keith, Melissa and Jamie join their guests in the telling of their redemption stories. Together, they ask the questions you may wish you could, never shying away from the nit and grit, while no less embracing the laughter and sometimes tears. Join them as they discover what the transformation journey really looks and feels like and testify to what it’s like to be ReCreated.

Keith Brooks

An architect by nature and profession, Keith is our resident intellect, theorizer and big word user (clearly he did not write this bio). He helps us keep our theology straight while exploring the complexities and beauty of our stories. He’s a lover of nature, a master craftsman and man of mystery and intrigue. Still waters run deep ya’ll. His quiet strength keeps us on track and moving this train forward.

Melissa Farnsworth

Melissa may very well be the adult version a Rainbow Bright or Strawberry Shortcake, we’ll let you decide. If you asked her, she’d say all this joy is credited to her Savior. A hugger, a feeler and born cheerleader. Married to her anchor and high school sweetheart, they like to say they hit the jack pot of procreating with three beautifully brilliant daughters. She co-owns a salon in a town as close to Mayberry as you can get this side of heaven and, if Steel Magnolias was reality, she would claim it as hers.

Jamie McMaster

Do you want to make anything fun? Like. Any. Thing? Invite Jamie! He’s a creator of beauty, for the eyes and the ears, with the God-given ability to make everyone feel welcome and heard. Dog’s love him! Kids adore him! And you’ll wish he was your friend too! Jamie is a graphic designer by trade, with the artistic chops to create anything he sets his mind to, while playing music and singing with a voice like honey. Sure, it’s not fair that God put this much talent in one person but Jamie will have you laughing so hard you’ll forget to be jealous.

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Disclaimer: We are not professional counselors or therapists, nor are we affiliated with any particular group. We are just 3 people that love Jesus and want to further His kingdom through stories that only He can accomplish. We do our best to let Him lead the conversation and if we offend that is not our intention. Please give us grace 😉